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Servicios de escaneo  láser 3D & modelos As-Built

Reconstruimos la geometría de elementos e infraestructuras mediante escáner láser 3D

Using 3D Laser capture in shipbuilding

Actualizado: 15 ene 2021

Scanphase uses an advanced laser 3D Scanner for generating the As Built data. Our 3D scanners provides our Naval architects and Structural engineers with an efficient tool for rapid, seamless and precise documentation of the current status of any construction – offshore or onshore, ships, rigs, platforms, terminals, piping systems and structures of every kind. Laser Scanning is ideal for designing, ship building, restructuring and extending technical and industrial plants such as refineries, power plants and production facilities.
Scanphase collaborates with naval companies and field specialists and offers high quality services for shipping companies to  in all Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas, Bilbao, Santander ...), Europe and north Africa.
3D Laser scanning in shipbuilding, BWTS, Spain
3D Laser scanning in shipbuilding, Spain

Using 3D Laser capture in shipbuilding

Less repairs and modifications through higher prefabrication

In the filed of shipbuilding, laser scanners are used to measure large and complex ship parts within a short period of time. That way, entire ships or ship parts can be planned and constructed in detail. As the prefabrication level is high, repairs and modifications of parts during the assembly phase are drastically reduced. To ensure accurately fitting parts, it is necessary to continuously perform measurements in each phase of the production process.

Unique basis for construction and excellent controlling through highly accurate 3D data

Three-dimensional measurements are the ideal basis for construction and design for other digital planning purposes because of accurate 3D data. It is even possible to scan multiple curved surfaces. 3D surface analysis enables verification of the correct size of the parts and their deviations. When the scan is completed, surface and volume models can be created and collision detections may be performed on the computer.

3D laser scanning ensures faster and easier assembly

Shipbuilding is an industry where demands for metrology are high, especially when it comes to ship parts or the complete construction. Through the use of a laser scanner device, less manpower is needed when fast and easy-to-do measurements are required. Another advantage is the handling and operation, which are quite easy as well.

Accurate planning with digital models saves time and effort

Costs, time and effort are drastically reduced through fast and accurate measurements as well as efficient planning and modeling with digital models. Repairs and modifications will become superfluous in shipbuilding and aircraft construction alike because of accurately fitting parts. Due to numerous possibilities in planning with digital models, outstanding performances and profitable solutions within the production process are achieved. Furthermore, 3D laser scanning offers new opportunities for reverse engineering, automated assembly and final inspections. New standards are being set in the world of quality assurance in aircraft construction.

3D Laser scanning in shipbuilding,  Engine Room, Spain
3D Laser scanning in shipbuilding, Engine Room, Spain


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