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3D Laser scanning for BWTS retrofit - Bulk carrier vessel 75614 t

In order to determine how and where to install a Ballast Water Treatment System on the target vessel, as well as the required characteristics of the system, a feasibility study needs to be conducted. This phase involves the collection and review of vessel documentation. No single system offers a perfect fit for all vessel types, and this review helps establish the vessel’s specific needs.

The survey report is the feasibility study and survey on board to verify available spaces and constraints. Onboard Survey is conducted with focus on following aspects:

  • Space

  • Fresh Water & Compressed Air Demands

  • Electrical Power Demand

  • Sludge discharges

  • Electrical connections

  • Maintenance Space

  • Foundation and Structural Integration

  • Control System Integration

Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) 3D Laser scanning
Ballast Water Treatment System 3D Laser scanning

A better approach involves scanning ship spaces with a 3D laser scanner to create a very detailed and accurate 3D point cloud model. Today’s high-speed laser scanners are quite suitable for this purpose as they can take tens of millions of measurements in just a few minutes. Scans are taken from various positions in order to provide sufficient coverage around equipment. The scans are then registered together to bring them all into the same coordinate system. Scans of the ship's hull and keel can also be taken, in which hull curves and surface models can be created for fuel or stability analysis if needed.

3D Laser scanning Naval Ballast Water Treatment System
3D Laser scanning Naval Ballast Water Treatment System

Replacement or new parts or structures are often manufactured off-site. To ensure the perfect fit, the existing structure is scanned and modeled to very high accuracy and used in the design and manufacture of new components or structures.

One misconception regarding 3D scanning is that the scanner does all the work and that what comes out of the scanner is a definitive model that shows everything you need. The point cloud is the raw data that needs to be designed into a viable 3D model. In many cases, the actual scanning activity is only a small part of the total project scope.

Vessel engine room 3D Laser scanning - Marine laser scanning
Vessel engine room 3D Laser scanning

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