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Servicios de escaneo  láser 3D & modelos As-Built

Reconstruimos la geometría de elementos e infraestructuras mediante escáner láser 3D

Hull 3D laser scanning high performance yacht - Europe

Actualizado: 10 ago 2022

Scanphase (3D laser scanning / CAD modeling) capture and deliver, very quickly, the complex geometries and shapes of boat hulls.

Specifically, 3D Laser Scanning can be performed for the definition of possible deflections of the hull as also to inspect every stage of the erection process for deviations from the design. Also, 3D Laser Scanner can survey complex surfaces as also unapproachable and destroyed areas for claiming and redesign. The great point sampling with 1.000.000 points per second can ensure the detailed and quick stay on the field. Any type of ship, from a sailing boat to a tanker and bulk carrier, in any place and in any time, can be surveyed.

The final unified and dense point cloud is the proper initial spatial information for the extraction of any kind of deliverables from naval lines (waterlines, buttocks and sections) to a 3D reconstructed ship geometry (modeling) in any compatible CAD format.

Scanning ship hull for major modification:

- Capturing of complex and detailed surfaces.

- Extraction of all possible geometrical information (dimensions, angles).

- Faster repair times.

- As built compatible data for CAD softwares for any naval designing department - office.

- Accuracy with the true ship geometries.

- Direct comparison with design plans.

- Minimization of construction delays

By their very nature ships are generally expensive to transport for scanning. Our 3D engineers sets up equipment on-site and have the ability to move between rooms and then join scans together to create a design layout to high accuracy in 3D interior space is possible. Coupled with existing external ship design, creates a cohesive whole. colorized 3D point cloud scans and panoramic images allows to see the yacht data in ways previously not possible. It is important to understand that a 3D scan is the first part of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) journey.

3D yacht Laser Scanning / Hull scanning / Point cloud / Europe / Spain
3D yacht Laser Scanning / Hull scanning / Point cloud

3D Laser scanning is truly revolutionizing the yacht building industry by increasing quality and efficiency for a range of stakeholders. From planning to building and furnishing, laser scanning provides a reliable solution when it has to be right.

3D Yacht Laser Scanning / Hull scanning / Point cloud
3D Yacht Laser Scanning / Hull scanning / Point cloud

Scanphase collaborates with naval companies and field specialists and offers high quality services for shipping companies in all European ports (Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, ...), Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Santander, Tarragona, El Ferrol, Cartagena, Avilés ...) and North Africa.

3D Hull yacht mesh - modeling from laser scanning point cloud / Spain / Portugal / France / Europe
3D Hull yacht mesh - modeling from laser scanning point cloud


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